Singing Course for Beginners in English (for Women)

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Singing Course for Beginners in English (for Women)


This course is only available to download.

Who is this course for:

  • Beginners and more advanced singers who want to take their skill to next level.
  • People who use their voice as a tool.
  • Everyone who would like to sound better!


After 10 years of coaching all levels of singers I decided to share my knowledge with You. I’ll take you on a musical ride. After certification in many vocal schools like – Speech Level Singing, Institute for Vocal Advancement, Modern Vocal Training I have a lot of my own thoughts and conclusions. This course is an essence of over 10000 lessons I gave.

So if You struggle with:

  • Singing with little power
  • Singing off pitch
  • Lack of confidence
  • Stress and stage fright
  • Little voice range
  • Voice cracks and inconsistency

Then this Course is for You!

Course will cover plenty of key features in singing:

  • How voice works
  • How to breathe with diaphragm
  • Singing on pitch and in tempo
  • Stress relief and tension reduction
  • Vocal training for all kinds of voices
  • Transfering skill from exercises to songs

Don’t worry! Ill take you step by step through those categories.

Every topic is divided into smaller clips.

You will find here great exercises for:

  • Optimal position for singing
  • Diaphragm and support
  • Ear training
  • Singing with too heavy voice
  • Singing without power
  • Vocal warmups before concerts and shows

I believe everyone can sing and have fun doing it!

Feel free to join my course and prepare for a great musical adventure! I’m happy that we will meet! This is our first course and next ones are incoming in next few months 🙂